Body Rejuvenation,

Countouring & Sculpting

Amplify your efforts with the boost of targeted body contouring, muscle sculpting, skin tightening and fat reduction with a Body Rejuvenation solution:

Inmode Tone muscle sculpting and therapy to tone and build muscle tissue and dramatically reduce the appearance of cellulite or dimpled skin: $895/package of 6 (30 min each)

CoolSculpting to target fat destruction with permanent results in the comfort of our office. This proven approach with destroy fat cells in the targeted body areas of your choosing: $2700/package 6

Morpheus8 Body for body contouring and transformation to stimulate deep collagen growth, tighten skin, provide fat remodeling and improve creepy or sagging skin anywhere on the body. Choose a targeted body contouring treatment area, including:

    • Morpheus8 Body on Abdomen or Arms: $2495/package 3
    • Morpheus8 Body on Knees: $1995/package of 3
    • Morpheus8 Body on Buttocks: $2985/package of 3
    • Morpheus8 Body on Full Thighs: $3295

Vaginal REjuvenation with VTone, Forma V & Morpheus8V

Enjoy non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation to enhance your confidence and comfort. With an expert consultation with Dr. LeAnn Haddock, board certified OBGYN with over 20 years in women’s health.

Our vaginal rejuvenation solutions include:

  • Morpheus 8V + VTone for the ultimate vaginal rejuvenation including tightened vaginal tissue, improved texture and enhanced intimacy: $2985/package of 3
  • Forma V + VTone provides a simple, non-surgical solution for vaginal incontinence, vaginal dryness and sexual satisfaction: $2685/package of 3
  • VTone revitalized the vaginal area to improve vaginal laxity, sensitivity and overall tone for enhances intimacy and more: $895/package of 6

Smooth SKin with laser hair removal

With Inmode Diolaze Laser Hair Removal, you’ll experience smooth, hair-free skin like never before. Light targets the hair pigment in the hair follicles to safely and effectively remove unwanted hair from targeted body areas like legs, underarms, face and bikini.

Get Long Lasting Hair Removal & Smooth Skin with a Package!

  • Face or Underarms Laser Hair Removal Package: $545/package of 3
  • Back, Bikini, Chest or Arms Laser Hair Removal Package: $845/package of 3
  • Legs or Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Package: $1295/package of 3


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