The BEST Beauty Spa can be found at our Med Spa!

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From safe, effective teeth whitening to gorgeous lashes and brows, we can make sure that you feel like the best version of YOU for any occasion, or just to be amazing every single day.

Come in for a facial, get those lashes extended, brows perfectly shaped and tinted, and brighten your smile all in one visit.

Don’t forget to get waxed .. anywhere and everywhere! Smooth, hair-free legs, underarms, and around your bikini will help you stay cool and confident no matter what you wear. And never worry about stubble or razor bumps again!

Our Beauty Spa Services

We offer LED Teeth Whitening Lead for a smile that is unforgettable! Our LED technology whitens and brightens your smile up to 4 shades with no sensitivity! Get your pearly whites in a quick 30 minute session.

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Facials & Peels

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