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A cornerstone of natural, lasting beauty is overall wellness, IV therapy quickly provides an infusion of fluids, medications and vitamins to patients. This treatment is a great option for improving symptoms of dehydration, addressing lack of vitamins, and enhancing an anti-aging and revitalization plan. Commonly known as an effective treatment for hangovers and fatigue, there are many other benefits, including detoxifying the body, providing an immune boost and energy, and aiding in weight loss programs.

We all miss out on vital nutrients, vitamins and hydration with our busy schedules and the ease of pre-made meals. The good news is that you can replenish your body fast with our selection of IV Nutrition options! We have a wide range of nutrient-packed IV treatments available to address anything your body needs. Hydrating, immune boosting, metabolism starters, and more!


Vitamin IV Therapy

Experience a total body transformation with our drip therapy! Whether you need to rehydrate, lose weight, lift your mood, or stop a headache – we have a solution! Packages are customized to your needs.

Our Vitamin Shots

Integrate a vitamin shot or a Slim Shot to round out your weekly beauty routine.

Slim Shot – a guest favorite

A combination of 3 amino acids:  methionine,  inositol, and choline are used in combination for liver cleansing.  B-12 is also added for energy and other benefits. Reduce stored fat, enhance metabolism, boost energy, detoxify the liver, and improve mood with this miracle shot!

B12 Shot

Boost your energy with vital B vitamins with our quick B12 shot! This can be used as a weekly shot or added to IV therapy.


B-Complex Shot

A combination of 5 water soluble B-vitamins used to boost energy and help those that feel “run down”.  This can also be used as a weekly shot, or added to IV therapy.  

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