More About Our Waxing Services

Your brows have a big impact on your overall appearance. This minor makeover has huge results! You’ll be able to skip the hassle in your makeup routine and look amazing!

Your brows create aesthetic symmetry for all of your other facial features and we can perfect them for you! Create dramatic, full brows or opt for shaped, delicate brows. Let us create the brow you’ve been dreaming of with little to no maintenance in your daily routine!

Even brows that are nice and full can still lack symmetry. Brow waxing helps create the defined edge for any shape. It gets rid of those pesky hairs that interfere with your eye shadow, and even above your nose, to help get the shaped look with less makeup contouring.

Brows a little thin from over plucking?

We can tint and fill them in with a semi-permanent color that compliments you and the shape of your face. We can create texture and a beautiful color tone without overfilling.

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